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Nimbus Halo X

Nimbus Halo electric scooter-car
Nimbus Halo X electric scooter-car 85
Nimbus Halo electric scooter-car 85
Nimbus Halo electric scooter-car 85
Nimbus Halo electric scooter-car 85
Nimbus Halo electric scooter-car 85
Nimbus Halo electric scooter-car 85
Nimbus Halo electric scooter-car 85
Nimbus Halo electric scooter-car 85
Battery18650 Lithium
Range219 miles
Charge Time3.1 hours
made in USA  


ModelHalo X
Weight754 lbs
Battery18650 Lithium
Battery Life3,000 cyclesβ„Ή
Range219 miles
Charge Time3.1 hours
fast charger: 45 minutes

The Nimbus Halo X is an innovative tilting electric scooter-car (ENV) made by e-vehicle startup Nimbus from USA. The company is dedicated to alternatives to cars to solve traffic and pollution problems in cities.

The Nimbus Halo X is a high performance version of the Nimbus Halo. The vehicle supports 0.93 g max lateral acceleration in corners using its Nimbus Balanceβ„’ system and the vehicle has a driving range per charge of 219 miles.

The scooter-car has a powerful electric motor for a top speed of 90 mph. The vehicle accelerates from 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds.

The scooter-car has a powerful 21.7 kWh Lithium battery for a driving range of 219 miles. The battery supports both Level 2 and Level 3 fast charging for a charge time of 0-100% in 45 minutes. The vehicle also has a 7kW onboard charger that allows to charge the vehicle with a household outlet in 3.1 hours.

The vehicle is 81 cm wide and less than half the width of a Smart car. The vehicle can be parked in the same space as a motorcycle.

Nimbus Halo electric scooter-car

The vehicle provides seating for two passengers with cargo space for groceries.

The vehicle has a high-strength steel and aluminum structure, 3 airbags and advanced safety features such as intelligent sensors to help avoid accidents.

The vehicle leans into corners, which provides an exhilarating sensation not unlike when you first learned how to ride a bike. Shortly after driving it, it will feel completely natural and intuitive.

Nimbus Balance

Nimbus Balance is a proprietary technology that allows the narrow vehicle to maintain its stability. The vehicle is driven with a steering wheel just like a car but the vehicle maintains its balance by leaning into turns. The system naturally returns the vehicle to an upright angle and is aided by sensors and actuators. There is always a direct mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the steering action of the vehicle so it’s fail-proof like the steering system in a car.


Besides Nimbus Balance, which allows any car driver to easily operate the vehicle, the vehicle has frontal and two curtain airbags, an Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) that provides Automated Emergency Braking and Lane Departure Warning, ABS, traction control, combined braking, and a high-strength steel and aluminum alloy structure with a frontal crumple zone. Nimbus provides over-the-air (OTA) software updates which will improve the vehicle safety over time. Many of the ADAS sensors are also designed to be modular so that the vehicle is future-proof.

The vehicle has a Bluetooth audio system with hands-free calling, a touch screen dashboard, heating and air conditioning (AC).

The vehicle is available in any color and with a custom business print or art-work.

The vehicle can be ordered online and is shipped worldwide.


2023 Nimbus models

Halo XNimbus Halo electric scooter-car 100
18650 Lithium
219 miles
HaloNimbus Halo electric scooter-car 100
18650 Lithium
119 miles


Nimbus AV Inc
224-2. W Summit S
Ann Arbor 48103
United States of America

Phone: +1 7346809506
Facebook Messenger:

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