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Fantic Issimo

Fantic Issimo electric moped 500 watt
Fantic Issimo electric moped 500 watt 85
Fantic Issimo electric moped 500 watt 85
Fantic Issimo electric moped 500 watt 85
Fantic Issimo electric moped 500 watt 85
Fantic Issimo electric moped 500 watt 85
Fantic Issimo electric moped 500 watt 85
Fantic Issimo electric moped 500 watt 85
Fantic Issimo electric moped 500 watt 85
Battery21700 Lithium
Range62 miles
Charge Time1 hours
Power500 watt (0.7 hp)
Fat Tire
Removable battery
made in Italy  


Speed15 and 31 mph
Power500 watt (0.7 hp)
Weight73 lbs
Battery21700 Lithium
Battery Life4,000 cyclesโ„น
Range62 miles
Charge Time1 hours

Fantic Issimo logoThe Issimo is a state of the art fat tire speed pedelec moped from electric motorcycle brand Fantic from Italy. The company was founded in 1968 and is owner of the famous engine brand Minarelli.

The moped is winner of many awards including the prestigious German Design Award of 2021.

Fantic Issimo awards

The moped has a 500 watt Bafang M600 electric motor with 120 Nm torque that provides a top speed of 25 mph.

The moped provides space for two 600 Wh Lithium batteries for a driving range of 62 miles.

The frame of the moped is made of Trellis type tubular cast aluminum. The moped has 20×4-inch Fat tires and a low center of gravity.

Fantic Issimo dashboardThe moped has a display attached to the handlebar that provides many features including Hill mode, Walk assist mode and Zero mode.

Smart moped

The moped is a true smart moped and connects to a mobile phone.

Fantic Issimo app

The frame of the moped can be personalized with covers in many colors, including Vivid Lime, Chili Pepper Red, Neon Orange, Island Blue, Violet, Jet Black, Silver, Outdoor Green, Rose Gold and White.

Fantic Issimo smart phone holderThe moped has many accessories including a water proof smart phone holder, detachable storage compartments and luggage bags.

The moped can be ordered online and is shipped worldwide.


2023 Fantic models

IssimoFantic Issimo electric moped 500 watt 100
21700 Lithium
62 miles
E-ScooterFantic electric scooter 3000 watt 100
21700 Lithium
62 miles


Fantic Motor S.p.a.
Via Tarantelli, 7 – 31030
Dosson di Casier (TV)

Phone: +39 (0)0422 634192
Facebook Messenger:

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