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Citroën Ami

Citroën Ami electric scooter car 6000 watt
Citroën Ami electric scooter car 6000 watt 85
Citroën Ami electric scooter car 6000 watt 85
Citroën Ami electric scooter car 6000 watt 85
Citroën Ami electric scooter car 6000 watt 85
Citroën Ami electric scooter car 6000 watt 85
Citroën Ami electric scooter car 6000 watt 85
Citroën Ami electric scooter car 6000 watt 85
Citroën Ami electric scooter car 6000 watt 85
Battery21700 Lithium
Range43 miles
Charge Time3 hours
Power6 kW (8 hp)
21700 Lithium
made in France  


Speed15 and 31 mph
Power6 kW (8 hp)
Weight937 lbs
Battery21700 Lithium
Battery Life2,000 cycles
Range43 miles
Charge Time3 hours
fast charger: 20 minutes

Citroën Ami 1961 (model 8)The Ami is an electric scooter-car from car manufacturer Citroën from France. The car is a reincarnation of the popular Ami-series car (also known as 3CV) that was launched in 1961.

The Ami is designed as a efficient moped city car that can be used without a driving license. The car category is described as a enclosed scooter. In many cities, the car can be parked on the sidewalk for free.

The car has a powerful 6,000 watt electric motor for a top speed of 31 mph. The motor provides instant torque for fast acceleration.

The car has a 5.5 kWh lithium battery for a driving range of 43 miles. The car has a built in charger (220v) and can be charged at fast charge stations.

The car provides comfortable space for 2 passengers.

The car is 1.39m wide, 2.41m long, 1.52m high and has a turning diameter of 7.2m.

The car is available for purchase (ownership) and Citroën provides a special long term rental option that enables to drive the car for a monthly rental fee of €19,99 euro. The car is intended to be accessible for low costs.

The car is available in many styles and color combinations and can be customized. The car is designed as a fashionable item.

The car can be ordered at Citroën dealerships.


2021 Citroën models

AmiCitroën Ami electric scooter car 6000 watt 100
21700 Lithium
43 miles

Sales Department

PSA Peugeot Citroën
1 Impasse des Prés Moussus
70000 Noidans-lès-Vesoul

Phone: +33 3 84 96 40 40
Facebook Messenger:

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(2021) UN chief calls for bold action to end ‘suicidal war with nature’
“We are losing our suicidal war against nature. An ecosystem collapse is looming. Within decades, millions of animal species can become extinct, resulting in a collapse of Nature on Earth.”

Industrial companies have used the ocean as a dumping ground for toxic waste. Hazardous industrial chemicals have been accumulating on the ocean floor for 150 years.

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