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Micro Mobility Models 2024 🗞️ News

Made in Italy

Swiss-Italian Micro Mobility is an urban mobility pioneer that was the first in the world to introduce the electric kick scooter in 1999.

Around 80% of the parts of its vehicles are sourced from local suppliers in Europe and its vehicles are manufactured in Turin, Italy, the birthplace of the Italian automotive industry and the home of Italian moped and scooter brand 🇮🇹 Iso, the original designer of the legendary Isetta microcar.

Iso automobiles logo

Iso was one of the biggest competitors of Vespa and Lambretta in the 1950s. In 1953 the Italian company ventured in the microcar industry with the creation of the iconic Isetta bubble car, which quickly gained popularity and became a status symbol in Italy.




Micro Mobility Systems AG Untere Heslibachstrasse 18Kusnacht8700🇨🇭 Switzerland

2024 Model Overview

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Microlino 2.0 microlino 2 $21,485.95 / 141.7 miles Microlino Lite microlino lite $18,142.88 / 110 miles Microletta microletta $5,266.69 / 62.1 miles Microlino 1.0 microlino $12,898.02 / 142.9 miles

Manufacturing Facility in Turin, Italy

Micro Mobility has a 3000 m2 assembly line located in Turin, Italy, completely covered with solarpanels. The manufacturing facility has over 100 employees.

🗞️ News

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