Vacancy: Sales Pitch Writer

Electric Scooter: clean air / healthy city air

The company E-scooter Commerce LLP has been created to facilitate a free and independent online purchase guide for electric scooters.

We are looking for a sales pitch writer who is interested to promote electric scooters (in a country) and thereby to help reduce air pollution in cities.

Skills required:

  • Strategic (subtle) commercial text writing

    The ability to convince buyers (in your country) to choose for electric today.

  • Empathize with the true buyer

    The ability to write effective sales pitch text for people who will truly buy and be happy with a scooter.

When interested, please send an email to

E-scooter Commerce LLP
Jansdam 2a
3512HB Utrecht
The Netherlands

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Electric scooter guide

Zapp i300The demand for electric scooters is increasing. Governments around the world are banning petrol scooters and in the same time small (electric) mobility solutions are increasingly popular in crowded cities. is a independent free guide intended to serve both manufacturers and buyers. The guide makes it easy to get a quick overview of all electric scooters available on the international market. The index is honest and is sorted based on Google search popularity in each country.

The guide is currently available in 90 countries and 53 languages including the local currency in each country. The guide has premium domains for many countries, such as for Europe and and ई-स्कूटर.भारत for India.

Weekly visited from 174 countries

The guide was launched in 2018 and has been visited from 205 countries and is visited on average from 174 countries every week. The guide reaches people from many countries who often send an email just to say thank you.

Electric Scooter: clean air / healthy city air


The e-scooter guide has a simple purpose: to help make electric scooters a success, to function as a driver for international sales and thereby indirectly to spur innovation by startups with a relatively small budget by providing them with free access to every buyer in the world, and ultimately, as a higher purpose, the promotion of clean mobility for healthy air in cities which may have an effect on performance in work, study and life.

Electric scooter market 2019-2040

While a transition to electric may seem obvious, for scooters it may not go as naturally and efficient as many people may expect. There are quite a lot of obstacles for the success of the electric scooter, some of which are arising out of the significant cost saving that electric scooters can provide. Petrol scooter dealerships are dependent on maintenance revenue while with electric scooters, 80% to 90% maintenance costs can be saved. Even the brakes can be saved via regenerative braking. Without local sellers, buyers have limited access to the latest products which in turn limits the innovation potential to create new or more efficient mobility solutions. It is a vicious circle.

Big motorcycle brands do not seem to have leverage to secure the market on the basis of quality differentiation, like petrol scooters provide with a complex petrol engine (high cost innovation) and the requirement for specialized local maintenance (people). Thereby a solution for international availability may not come naturally from established big motorcycle brands.

From a market potential perspective, electric cars are different from electric scooters because big car brands can secure the market with a high barrier to entry via tough legislation for new technologies such as self driving technology. A high quality electric scooter can be created by independent product designers, see for example the Honda eCub from Shanghai Customs.

Manufacturing and warranty at scale is a major problem for which big motorcycle brands are able to provide a solution. However, even on that aspect the market conditions are changing. For example, today, production can be outsourced to parties such as Govecs (a big e-scooter manufacturer) that can produce a scooter as a OEM product, providing the ability for small scale / small budget innovation (product design) with the option for reliable manufacturing and warranty at scale. For an example, see the Sway Lithium from California, USA.

Future innovations such as 3D printing may additionally help to overcome the manufacturing-at-scale hurdle and help lay the primary quality differentiator of the electric scooter with product design / fashion / independent innovators.

On the basis of the previous assumptions, the future of electric scooters does not seem to require big motorcycle brands for the scooter as a product. Instead, component makers such as Bosch (electric motor and battery maker) which are much bigger than motorcycle brands will logically turn the market conditions towards them and spur innovation by many companies.

Bosch Escooter Drive System: motor + battery + controller ready to go

With this idea in mind, the e-scooter guide was created to enable buyers to get an efficient overview of all electric scooters available on the international market, for a potential future market condition in which there are literally thousands of high quality electric scooters available of which any of them could be an ideal mobility solution for a buyer in a region of the world.

By offering electric scooter makers with efficient free access to any buyer in the world, they will not require a big budget for (international) marketing and can focus their energy on product quality and electric scooter innovation. Both buyers and manufacturers are served.

A next step for the guide will be to enable buyers to acquire any scooter efficiently, including options for mobility security (import, registration, insurance, help with warranty issues). For this purpose, we are looking for a commercial partner.

Vacancy: Sales Pitch Writer

We are looking for a business partner who is interested to write sales pitches for electric scooters, or to optimize existing ones for buyers in a country.

The guide is very simple. It provides an index of short and powerful sales pitches for all electric scooters in the world.

The guide presents each individual scooter as the ultimate product with in mind “the true buyer”. The guide does not compare scooters and there is no journalistic component. The guide does not list negative aspects of a scooter. The public review feature enables honest feedback from users. The sales pitch text is just intended to drive sales.

The sales pitches do not require much text to be effective. It does not require much time to write a sales pitch but it does require research.

What we can offer

The guide can offer a lot of value to a partner: a 50% share of the Google Advertising revenue, access to buyers with a banner or smart promotion for the webshop of the partner, for students the guide could provide access to Google Analytics data for market research and for EV enthusiasts, the guide could enable to get free press or VIP passes for EV events around the world (journalism). Much more is possible. Some options may cost just a few hours per week in time from the partner.

The design and format of the guide can be changed. The technology is optimized to provide the best availability in any country in the world. The guide can handle a million visitors per hour using a network provided by Google.

When interested, please send an email to

E-scooter Commerce LLP
Jansdam 2a
3512HB Utrecht
The Netherlands

Illustrations by Vect0r0vich

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